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Zen Resort & Spa Sales Center in YC/JX


Retail Design Winner

Design Practice:

Taiwan DaE Design

Project Title:

Zen Resort & Spa Sales Center in YC/JX

Project Location:

Yichun City, China

Design Practice Location:

Shenzen, China

Zen Resort & Spa Sales Center in YC/JX 1

Chinese Quadrangles have influenced the characteristics of this structure, which is an adaptive re-use of an older building and former seafood restaurant. The Zen Resort, Spa Sales and Exhibition Center has three floors, with the main exhibition area occupying the first floor, with VIP rooms, offices and dining facilities occupying the other two. The exhibition area is divided into three main parts, the reception area to the middle, the negotiation area to the left and the main exhibition area to the right. The three spaces exist respectively in artificial partitions, which are independent but linked visually and mechanically, in a thematic design element of wooden grids. The steel structure is composed of thin straight columns which populate the interior space and visitors enter the sales and exhibition center by passing through a man-made waterscape. Located in Yichun City, the site is close to Xiujiang Garden Residential Area to the west, the Royal International Mansion to the east and the Huacheng Wetland Park to the south.

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