Zhengzhou Mingyue House Sales Center

Project Details


CGI & Visualisation Finalist

Design Practice:

Shenzhen DaE Interior Design Co

Project Title:

Zhengzhou Mingyue House Sales Center

Design Practice Location:

Shenzhen, China

Zhengzhou Mingyue House is located in the old city. It is to the west of the centre, in the ‘One Heart and Two Wings’ plan. The project is at the heart of a road running east to west, which has good transport links and facilities and offers pleasant surroundings. The brief was to reconstruct a commercial residential project in the old city, consisting of commercial buildings, apartment buildings and high-rise areas. When the project is ready, it will serve as a sales centre for display, reception and office functions. The main body of the design is two simple, modern buildings in the north and south. The new design plan abandons the cumbersome existing layout and instead takes on the form of an Oriental courtyard.