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Project Details


Space Planning Winner

Design Practice:

Paul McAneary Architects

Project Title:

Faceted House

Project Location:

London, UK

Design Practice Location:

London, UK
Faceted House 1

Paul McAneary Architects reconfigured and expanded the existing space by designing a huge open-plan: they blurred the threshold between areas (living-kitchengarden) to create a continuous space that is legible, functional and engaging. The kitchen stretches into the garden through a trapezoid platform which floats about 400mm above the garden level; the stepstone on the right side of the platform exhorts the access to the garden and BBQ area. To reinforce the perception of spatial continuity and connection they specified the same tiles for the living-kitchen area and the garden’s platform.

Faceted House 1
Faceted House 3
Faceted House 6
Faceted House 7
Faceted House 5
Faceted House 2
Faceted House 4