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Project Details


Entertainment Space Winner

Design Practice:

Blainey North

Project Title:


Project Location:

Melbourne, Australia

Design Practice Location:

Sydney, Australia
Conservatory 1

Blainey North’s Conservatory makes guests feel like they have been instantly transported to London, Shanghai or New York during an era when craftsmanship and materials were revered and buildings and interiors were designed to endure and built to last.
Conservatory is reminiscent of English conservatories and references Georgian grandeur and Art Deco detailing. By employing traditional craftsmanship techniques, such as the marble panel detailing used on the restaurant’s pillars, we’ve aimed to create a sense of timeless permanence and make guests feel comfortable.
All lighting, carpet and furniture has been custom designed to suit the space. By adopting century-old techniques set in a modern context, such as the use of traditional fluted details on the bar or the restaurant’s solid metal screens, along with the repetitive use of a soft arch formation, it’s a true mix of French-Deco industria and old world decadence.

Conservatory 1
Conservatory 3
Conservatory 4
Conservatory 5
Conservatory 6
Conservatory 2