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Project Details


Residential Product Winner

Design Practice:

Lateral Design Studio

Project Title:


Linkasink 6

Lateral Design Studio turns functional construction products into pieces of art, providing a range of grilles for shower drains, radiators, screens and much more. The brand is being reinforced with a new range of decorative kitchen and bathroom sinks known as Linkasink. The range cleverly combines aesthetic beauty with a high-quality functional product. It’s suitable for all kinds of developments including commercial and residential plus hotels and spas.


The range is available in a wide range of materials including stainless steel, copper, nickel and bronze; some are embellished with mother of pearl or even Swarovski crystals to provide a visually stunning impact. Accessories include stunning decorative wastes, which further enhance the original design intent.


The imaginative designs transform the humble kitchen or bathroom sink into an eye-catching focal point within the room. Thanks to an extensive range, there are designs equally suited to both modern and traditional developments, and which offer a new and exciting way to design out bland sanitary and brassware.

Linkasink 6
Linkasink 1
Linkasink 2
Linkasink 3
Linkasink 4
Linkasink 5
Linkasink 7
Linkasink 8
Linkasink 9
Linkasink 10