Fellow of the Year

Interior design is a growth industry. It is one of the most popular take-up degrees at university and the public perception and appreciation for the benefits of good interior design is progressing.


It is also, however, still one of the most under-appreciated and under-valued careers by associated professions. Critics believe interior designers spend money without consideration or ROI knowledge; untrained in what they do, and expensive to engage. Designers who operate in these ways damage the reputation of the entire industry.

The central objective of SBID is to promote the profession at the highest level of competence while supporting the interests of professionally qualified interior designers and manufacturers. By guiding and measuring the profession’s trading standards through practice, competence and education, SBID creates a clear separation between professionals and hobbyists  and continually challenges the industry for positive change where size and dominance has reigned unethically, by exclusion, favouritism or anti-competitive conduct.

Having set the trend that the UK design industry has adopted as standard, the SBID Awards serve to showcase the best of the profession worldwide through its celebration of extraordinary interior design projects and products. By the same token, SBID created the Fellowship Award in 2010 to recognise and celebrate people who have achieved success not just at a personal career level, but by improving the well-being and culture of British society through their work in their own creative field. This is an inspirational example to the interior design industry of associated creative professionals and how they have championed their profession.

This annual award is presented to an individual whose achievements have improved the standing of the creative industries at large. Nominees can be an individual working within interior design or anyone who has, in some way, changed or championed their creative sector around the world by talent, leadership and creativity.


SBID received nominations for many outstanding individuals as possible recipients for this year’s Fellowship Award and the nominee panel considered all applications carefully. The Fellow will be a person whose actions have enhanced the creative world.


Fellow of the Year 2018 has now been revealed!


Read about last year’s deserving Fellow of the Year, Nadja Swarovski, here

Past Winners

Fellow of the Year 2018

Nadja Swarovski

Head of Corporate Communications and Design Services

Fellow of the Year 2017

Sebastian Conran

Product Designer

Fellow of the Year 2016

About the Awards 18
Eve Pollard OBE


Fellow of the Year 2015

Fellow of the Year 4
Theo Fennell

Jeweller – Silversmith

Fellow of the Year 2014

Fellow of the Year 18
Bill Kenwright CBE

Theatre and Sport

Fellow of the Year 2013

Fellow of the Year 7
Sir John Robert Madejski OBE DL


Fellow of the Year 2012

Fellow of the Year 21
Liam O’Connor


Fellow of the Year 2011

Fellow of the Year 15
Robin Gibb CBE


Fellow of the Year 2010

Mark Wilkinson OBE
Mark Wilkinson OBE

Cabinetry Craftsman