House of Lords

Afternoon Tea at The House of Lords

A highlight of the Awards calendar is the unique opportunity for sponsors, VIPs and international guests to visit the House of Lords for a networking afternoon tea.

This event is free for invitees and provides not only an insight into a historic British institution, but also the opportunity to network with high-profile peers from the international design sphere.

The event and its location reflect not only SBID’s proudly British roots but also the Society’s commitment to providing platforms for creative brands to come together, share ideas and collaborate. The fact that this experience cannot be bought – our access is by exclusive invitation only – makes the occasion all the more distinguished.

Sponsors are able to bring guests, providing an unparalleled chance to develop their business within the historic walls of this iconic London palace. This is an opportunity not to be missed.

Where: House of Lords, Palaces of Westminster
When: Thursday 25th October 2018
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