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Winners Announced:
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Artah Health Retreat Spain


Healthcare & Wellness Design Finalist

Design Practice:

Rachel Laxer Interiors

Project Title:

Artah Health Retreat Spain

Project Location:

Girona, Spain

Design Practice Location:

London, United Kingdom

The ARTAH health retreat in Spain is the flagship hospitality project for the client. Rachel Laxer Interiors brought this brand to life through a design which reflected the wellness elements of restoration and transformation.

Creating private areas where guests can relax, reflect and reconnect with themselves after an active day out cycling, communal rest areas were designed to help guests connect with each other. You will find quiet restful corners for individuals and larger spaces to be enjoyed by groups of people.

Rachel Laxer Interiors worked with small independent makers and regional suppliers to create a unique expression of the brand that connected it to the local area. Many of the accessories and lighting was sourced from local craftsmen which was really important to the practice and the client. Not only for the value in supporting the local community and giving back, but also as it gives the retreat an authentic feel, helping it connect with the local landscape.

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