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Blakely Residence


Residential House Under £1M Design Finalist

Design Practice:


Project Title:

Blakely Residence

Project Location:

Christchurch, New Zealand

Design Practice Location:

Christchurch, New Zealand

Blakely Residence

The brief for this prestigious project was to present something that was in keeping with the architecture and landscape, without being extravagant. The idea was to bring intriguing layers of texture and design to all elements of the interior while creating a space that was useable, not precious and could easily be lived in by the clients. The result is an interior which is inspiring, layered with intriguing textures and materials, sophisticated finishes and details in order to offer the client something personal and curated.

Attend the Awards

Attend the SBID International Design Awards 2020 ceremony at Grosvenor House, Park Lane

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