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Residential House Under £1M Design Finalist

Design Practice:

AND Design Co

Project Title:


Project Location:

Indore, India

Design Practice Location:

Mumbai, India


Chiseled volumes, striking artworks and understated luxury define this home. The property bears a footprint of 2,500 square metres, with 1,000 square metres built-up. The layout of the house amalgamates into the letters H and I, which are the initials of the client’s names, making it a signature feature of the house. The ground floor has a double height foyer, a formal and informal living room, parents’ and guest bedrooms, a prayer room, dining room, kitchen and powder room. The outdoor space houses a swimming pool, sit-out deck, a dining nook and servant’s quarters, while the upper floor has the master bedroom, kid’s bedroom, another guest room, a gym and an open terrace. The concept of the project revolves around the idea of diminishing the barrier of built and natural environment by bringing in the exteriors within the interior habitat.

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Attend the SBID International Design Awards 2020 ceremony at Grosvenor House, Park Lane

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