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Club & Bar Design Finalist

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Kiev, Ukraine

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Kiev, Ukraine

A magnificent rooftop in the heart of Kiev city, overlooking the park area and the left side of the river Dnipro. CHI is a bar, restaurant, club and a brilliant space for making parties. It is a temple of music. The design concept is a combination of colonial architectural motifs and the cultural heritage of Latin America and Pan Asia.

The interior is adorned by excellent handiwork – stone-facing with Indian tribal geometric motifs, the world famous Terracotta Army, and furniture with Oriental chic. Light is a very important part of creating this unique atmosphere. Three crystal chandeliers (3-meter diameters) and columns  – stalactites over two bars – are the main points of spectacular lighting. Across day and night, the furniture plan changes. Comfortable dining zones are transformed to sofas and armchairs; movable tables transform into a low lounge.