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Horizontal Shower


Product Winner

Design Practice:


Project Title:

Horizontal Shower

Design Practice Location:

Iserlohn, Germany

Horizontal Shower 1

The home spa market is a fairly new phenomena, however Dornbracht have been producing products that use water to its full potential for a number of years. The development of the Ambience Tuning Technique (ATT) product – used with the Vertical and Horizontal Showers – caters to the home spa market and has propelled our expertise in the field forward. This week we have taken an order for fourteen Vertical Shower ATT units for an exclusive London penthouse scheme, further proving what we’ve long suspected – home spas are de rigueur. What began as the Vertical Shower ATT solution has been further developed into the Horizontal Shower ATT. This product takes the principles of the Vichy shower and Kneipp’s hydrotherapy to the next level, and delivers the kind of technology and use of water that is accessible for both commercial and domestic markets.

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